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Craig Leipold to replace Bob Naegele as Wild owner

After seven years of steady improvement and growth under Bob Naegele, the Minnesota Wild will be sold to Racine, Wisconsin resident Craig Leipold. So the big question on the mind’s of Wild fans is will the Wild be safe in St. Paul with a new owner. As of right now, it appears the answer is yes.

Leipold has said he intends to "continue the tradition of Wild hockey here in Minnesota,"according to the Wild web site.

Leipold recently completed the sale of the Nashville Predators, a team he owned since the expansion franchise was awarded to the city of Nashville. Leipold appears to instill a lot of trust in his GMs and head coaches, because the Predators have had the same people in those two positions for the last ten seasons. I hope Leipold can run a steady ship here in St. Paul but without becoming too complacent. Welcome to the state of hockey Mr Leipold, welcome.