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Koivu to see action against Detroit

The NHL can be a vicious league, and it proved to be for Mikko Koivu this season on November 16 when he suffered a slash that broke his left leg. Players sometimes hack away at opponents with no regard to their personal safety. The Vancouver Canucks’ Mattias Ohlund swung a stick at Koivu, putting him out for 22 games and deepening the bad feelings the teams share toward one another.

But Mikko Koivu says he is ready to go tonight against Detroit. In 19 games, Koivu got off to a strong start before suffering the injury, netting five goals among 16 points. The Wild will need Koivu against the Detroit Red Wings, as he is one of the best penalty killers on the team. He might be in there on penalty kills but not much more, as coach Jacques Lemaire has said he only plans on using Koivu 10 to 12 minutes.