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Boss man in town today

The new Wild owner, Craig Leipold will be at tonights Wild vs. Coyotes game at the Xcel Energy Center. I am wondering how Wild coach Jacques Lemaire will feel with a new sheriff in town. I am guessing he won’t even notice the difference as long as Leipold stays out of his hair. In his 14-year NHL coaching career, Lemaire has worked a few different owners - Bob Naegele (Minnesota) and John McMullen (New Jersey). McMullen was definitely a more hands-on owner and I am wondering if Leipold will be the same. When asked what qualities Lemaire likes most about team owners, Lemaire had little to offer.

"I wouldn't know because I never thought about that. They were so behind (the scenes)," he said about his previous bosses. "I'm sure the only thing he wants from us is wins, get the team to play well."

Yeah, wins and a Stanley Cup! Go Wild, beat those Coyotes tonight!