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Lemaire critical despite winning streak

Even though the Minnesota Wild has won three straight games and look for a fourth straight victory versus the Calgary Flames at the Xcel Energy Center tonight, Jacques Lemaire is still critical of his team’s play. After the win against the Phoenix Coyotes, Lemaire was quoted as saying, Marian Gaborik didn’t play well until after his goal in the third period. He also said his other right wingers Brian Rolston and Mark Parrish could have played better. He did comment that Matt Foy is playing well...hmmm.

As long as the Minnesota Wild is winning, Lemaire will most likely continue to challenge his players to perform better. It’s a good strategy, rather than being complacent with a win. Yelling and criticizing players during losing only gets guys down more, so maybe the criticism can be most constructive during winning times. Let's go Wild!