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Wild beat Canucks gain points in Northwest Division

Wild 4, Canucks 2

Minnesota Wild beat Vancouver Canucks on the road last night 4-2. It was a big division win for the Wild and watching the Minnesota Wild game last night gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I am pretty sure that the main reason for that feeling is that I think Niklas Backstromhas his mojo back.  Backstrom made 38 saves in the victory over the Canucks last night, but most importantly he looked confident doing it.

Backstrom reminded me a lot of the goalie of last year when he was practically unbeatable.  He definitely regained his sense of calm as he followed the play and appeared to know where the puck was going before it went there.  If Niklas Backstrom truly has his mojo back, the Minnesota Wild is poised to make a huge run into the NHL Playoffs.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Wild coach Jacques Lemaire agrees with me and he had this qoute about Niklas Backstrom after the Vancouver Canucks game:

"Just the way he looked in the net, he looks confident," Lemaire added. "He looked like he's back where he was last year."

Go Wild!