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Backstrom and Harding continue to battle for net time

The Minnesota Wild have two strong goalies with Niklas Backstrom and Josh Harding. One of the unfortunate things about the game of NHL hockey is that teams are expected to feature a premier goalie that they use every game. Some goalies get egos, and if they are benched they want to go elsewhere. Case in point, Manny Fernandez. Luckily, Niklas Backstrom doesn’t appear to be an egotistic goalie. Josh Harding got the start vs the Calgary Flames, but it doesn’t appear that Backstrom will be complaining about playing time. In fact Harding started because Niklas Backstrom was having a groin injury. It seems to this MN Wild Freak that Backstrom has a lot of groin injuries in Calgary...Backstrom will most likely get another chance as the starter, and probably sooner than later. As long as the Wild is winning,I don’t think the goalie issue will be overly important, even if it turns out to be alternating starters.