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Minnesota Wild All Star

Minnesota Wilds’ lone all star, Marian Gaborik, scored a goal for the West in last nights All-Star Game in Atlanta. For awhile it looked like Gaborik would be a real hero and his goal would be the game winner for the West, but the East battled back and ended up winning 8-7. It was weird seeing Gabby in a number 9 jersey as opposed to his number 10 jersey. I saw number 10 on Edmonton Oiler Shawn Horcoff – how do they decide who gets which jersey anyway?

It was the second All Star game for Gaborik and he is quoted as saying:

"You really get into it and you really want to show your stuff."

If anyone watched the first two periods of the game, I wouldn’t say the guys were strutting their stuff, it almost felt like they were just going through the motions. Any way, I don’t get too worked up over the All-Star game – I am more into games that count for points and of course playoff games – isn’t that what really matters?