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Carney trying to get back to regular ice time

Minnesota Wild defenseman Keith Carney has been benched 14 times this season despite playing every game last year and finishing with a team-high plus-22 ice ratio. Wild fans might be wondering why Carney is often the scratch when he is a smart player that rarely lets in goals on his shifts. Apparently Jacques Lemaire believes the Wild has a better chance at getting goals and not giving them up when Carney isn't on the ice. Carney is 38 years old on February 3, so his career is nearing an end; this might factor into some of Lemaire's thinking. If fellow defenseman Martin Skoula continues to struggle (he has a minus-13 ice ratio), Lemaire might give Carney increased ice time with less game-time scratches. Any thoughts In the State of Hockey fans? LEAVE COMMENTS!!! or feel free to write your own Diary entry.