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Wild @ Panthers - Three Things

Another solid game...lets get to it..

Three reasons the Wild won:

1) Special Teams: (4 for 4) on the PK & (3 for 6) on the PP. Dont think we have to say too much beyond that.

2) "The Line": If you were to tell me that a line of Koivu/Miettenen/Brunette would produce 9 points, I may have laughed at you. But, it did...and I loved every minute of it. Special props to Mikko...5 point game makes me think you are earning that "C" on your chest.

3) Solid Positional defense: Nobody shoot me, but even SKOULA had a good game. The penalty he took was even a good idea, as, there was a good chance that the puck would have been blasted into the back of the net. Bergeron looked better, Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnson looked good, Reitz was hitting, and Burns/Schultz were solid. I enjoyed.

Three reasons why the Wild could have lost:

1) The team they had to play: Again, we are fortunate that Florida is really not that good. You lose PMB/Gabby/Nolan/Zidlicky, and you still dominate. I don't see the lineup doing very well against per se, the Wings or the Oilers.

2) The 5 on 3: I hate these things. I get nervous watching them...luckily the PK showed up today, or that could have gotten ugly, and put "Mo" back on Florida's side. Again, lets not give up 5 on 3's to the Wings, Stars, etc.

3) Darby's Hair: I couldn't think of a 3rd one really, so i am once again on Darby for his lack of a barber. Honestly, had the team watched the pre-game, they wouldn't have been able to focus because of laughter...laughter due to Darby's hair. Its bad news folks...somebody help this guy out!

I liked what I saw, and I will like it even more if we can play a good game and win versus the Lightning.