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Marian Gaborik to Montreal?

Michael Russo started talking about it over the weekend, and Eklund was talking about it last week (but nobody should believe anything that dude says, ever) so how close are we to moving Marian Gaborik to Les Habitants?

As I wrote weeks ago, Montreal makes a lot of sense. The Habs want to win now. The Habs have lots of cap space in future years. The Habs have lots of young talent. And I think Risebrough and Bob Gainey know each other or something.

I definitely think there’s a lot to all these rumors you’re reading on hockeybuzz, and I do believe Chris Higgins is the guy. The Wild would love Ryan McDonagh too. He’s the former Cretin-Derham Hall star, Minnesota Mr. Hockey and current Wisconsin Badger. Remember at last year’s Draft when I was reporting to you all the Manny Fernandez to Boston stuff, McDonagh is the guy the Wild wanted badly if it was somehow able to move up.

Here’s the thing, it’s very unlikely the Canadiens make any deal with these two substantial players if Gaborik is unwilling to sign there long-term. And I am confident in the fact that Risebrough has not yet asked Gaborik’s agent if he wants to talk to any other teams about a contract extension. In fact, Risebrough and Gaborik’s agent have still not spoken in a few weeks – as of yesterday at least.

Also, cap room would be a problem this year. Gaborik is at 6.33. Higgins is at 1.7, so there would need to be money moving elsewhere.

I know for a fact that Wild Director of Pro Scouting Blair Mackasey attended tonight’s Canadiens game, but that probably means little. First of all, I don’t think Higgins played due to a groiner, and obviously McDonagh didn’t play. And Mackasey lives in Montreal, so this was not exactly abnormal.

Regardless, things could be heating up soon. Risebrough will be heading to Chicago on Thursday for the GM’s Meetings, and you can bet Gaborik’s name will be coming up with many of his colleagues.

The Montreal Press likes the idea:

Translated from Mathias Brunet at

Gaborik? I say yes!

The subject became inevitable. It is not a question here to confirm the veracity of the rumour, though very connected chronicler of Mineapolis Star Platform, Michael Russo, seems from now on to see him also Montreal like a potential destination for Gaborik. It is on its blogist today. And maintaining the question which kills. Gaborik in Montreal?

Me, I say yes!

Initially, perhaps those which déblatèrent on the account of Gaborik do not know the immense potential of this player (of only 26 years!), one of the most charged with electricity attackers of the LNH. Truth which it was wounded in the past, but it disputed 77 matches last year and marked 42 goals. Bad player of team? Did prima donna? Do you think that a bad player of team can play during eight years for Jacques Lemaire? Do you think that a bad player of team can be appointed captain by Jacques Lemaire at the end of the season and series last year? Do you think that a bad player of team can be made offer a contract of 80 million for ten years by Doug Risebrough and Lemaire?

But Gaborik refused this sum and it is what would place it on the market because Wild does not want to lose it without anything to obtain in return. The Canadian is well. It is true. But we are in October. How to spit on the possibility of obtaining such a player? How can one have too good players? Imagine the first trio made up of Andrei Kostitsyn (if it returns soon), Tomas Plekanec and Alex Kovalev, then you send on the ice Koivu, Tanguay on the left, its natural position, then Gaborik. And your troisème trio is made of Latendresse, Lang and Sergei. Ouch! It is the year of the centenary. The Canadian has a club able to compete for the Cut. He should not miss the train. This same train that the Senators missed a few years ago.

Jacques Lemaire always repeated that the day when Gaborik would dispute one complete season, it could mark 50 goals easily. The risk is worth the candle of it. The other factor to consider, it is that the Canadian abounds players in future, thanks to the excellent work of recruitment of Andre Savard, then of Trevor Timmins. One does not speak about Penguins de Pittsburgh, which had to sacrifice their principal hopes and which are found with a rather empty bank of young people today.

Does Higgins leave? Pacioretty is ready to take the changing, Latendresse starts to hatch, just like the two Kostitsyn brothers. It is a profit if Gaborik, which while passing adores Montreal, remains with the team after this season. Is Ryan McDonagh sacrificed with Higgins? In an ideal world, I would prefer that one does not touch with the young man and I would choose to offer a choice to the fishing out, but if it should absolutely be included in a transaction, there remains Yannick Weber, Alexei Emelin and P.K. Subban loans to take the changing in a brought closer future.

Bob Gainey already exchanged Jarome Iginla (then in the rows juniors) to obtain Joe Nieuwendyk. Iginla became the player whom one knows, but nobody will be able to reproach Gainey this transaction since Dallas would probably not have gained the Cut without Nieuwendyk. But I repeat it so much, if CH can keep McDonagh, better. The Canadian built his club quietly. It is the moment to pass to the action. The situation is ideal.

*** In answer to the first readers, you will have noticed that I did not go into the details of the transaction. I spoke about some names, but not about all the names. Of course that it with the aspect of the wage ceiling to respect there. It is a formality when the two teams want to really compromise; the exchanges can always end up balancing in the wage plan, kind the team accept the young person, but must also accomodate a quite paid veteran to reduce the ceiling of the other, etc

*** I do not compare Nieuwendyk with Gaborik. I compare the situation, two clubs, Dallas and Montreal, not too far from their apogee, which may find it beneficial to make a blow of glare to finish at the top.

Sounds like they want Gaby in Montreal. Why wouldn't they? However, Higgins isn't enough, and he has his own injury issues. Read here, from Marc Antoine Godin:

And then, there is this rumour of exchange which floats since ten days and which sends it to Minnesota in a transaction implying Marian Gaborik.

After having heard thousand and one rumours last year, that sets out again of more beautiful for the American attacker!

“I start to be a little tanned, recognized Higgins. But as a professional athlete, you do not have the choice to expect this type of things.

“That made 12 years that Saku Koivu is with the Canadian and it forever ceased hearing rumours about it. Nobody is safe from that.”

Does Higgins ensure that it does not spend its great days to be wondered “why me?”

“I believe that it is the fact that the DG Don Waddell named publicly me last season (note: in the negotiations implying Marian Hossa) who explains why my name circulates more.”

“Its name returns in the rumours because you do not stop speaking about Marian Gaborik”, Carbo launched to the journalists. Cease speaking about Gaborik, and one will cease hearing the name of Higgins.”

It remains that the absence of Higgins to the drive of yesterday, whereas it is about to obtain the green light of the doctors, raised interrogations.

So, anyone here want Chris Higgins for Gaborik? Honestly?