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More Gaborik Trade Rumors and So Long Petr Kalus


According to an NHL team executive, Wild General Manager Doug Risebrough has been actively shopping Gaborik around the league and over the weekend offered Gaborik to his team in a trade.

The executive said he was not interested.

Gaborik, 26, who can become an unrestricted free agent next summer, has rejected multiple contract extension offers from the Wild, and the team has come to the realization that it's doubtful it will be able to sign him, sources say.

Negotiations have stalled, and the two sides haven't spoken in two weeks -- something Risebrough and agent Ron Salcer confirmed over the weekend.

-Star Tribune

More info from the PiPress

Rumors have been out there, but mostly crazy ones, such as Gaborik straight up for Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin (Wild: "Uh, where do I sign?") or Gaborik to Edmonton (he doesn't want to be here, you think he wants to be in Edmonton?).

But the rumor the Montreal press was sinking its teeth into Monday isn't so patently insane: Gaborik to Montreal for winger Higgins, backup goalie Jaroslav Halak and either a first-round draft pick or top prospect Ryan McDonagh (yes, that Ryan McDonagh).

Like all rumors, this one is not substantiated by a named source. That doesn't mean it's not true, but it does mean one should approach it with caution. For one thing, the numbers don't add up: If the deal were done as is, Montreal would be about $3.86 million over the cap. And acquiring a backup goaltender doesn't make much sense for the Wild.

Petr Kalus pulled a Roman Voloshenko, found on Aeroscribe:

From what I understand, Petr Kalus (healthy scratch this weekend against San Antonio) has left the team to play in Europe. I guess if this guy was lighting up the world and I thought the guy had a prayer of cracking an NHL roster, it would be more of a story. But to me, this is about a guy that did not live up to potential and was not working hard enough to get back to the NHL. Then again, if he was working *that* hard, then the talent isn't there to warrant a promotion.

I'll be looking for additional information on this.