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Three Things - Jackets @ Wild

Getting late, so lets get to it...


Why the Wild Won:

1) Penalty Kill - Really 19/19? Absoultely incredible this far into the year. I mean, just amazing. Hats off to the PK...we all appreciate the work.

2) Niklas Backstrom - As if the stone on nash's breakaway wasn't enough, Niklas came up with a few more monstrous saves throughout this contest. I am hoping that the Wild are talking to Niklas now about an extension. As i see it, he has been just stellar this young season, and he deserves in-season talks.

3) Mikko Koivu - This guy is the real deal. Wow. Every shift, he is doing something productive. That blind pass to Nolan was something that was As Nate and I were watching, he said..."just make him the captain now...for all months." I agree, and while I know it won't doesnt mean it shouldnt.


Why the Wild could have lost:

1) The late game letdown - Two games in a row, we are learning this isnt the lock it down team from last year. Had it not been for Nash's above the crossbar deflection, who knows how that game turns out. Shouldnt have gotten to that point anyway.

2) The lack of production on the PP - Even on a 5-on-3, they took slappers, and otherwise were not impressive. The tic-tac-toe passing was a positive sign, but 1:20 of a two man advantage should result in a goal. This HAS to get better as the season progresses.

3) Announcers and the Kiss of Death - Honestly, the "they have been perfect this year" and "the wild are always good at protecting leads" almost resulted in the doom of the wild. Just like announcers in football before a field-goal...Greeny and Terhar need to shut up! :)


What else did everyone see?