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A Quick Look at the Past, Part 2

A week or so ago, I took a look at the 10 players that left during the off season. Today, I take another look, if altogether brief.
We can dispense with a few in one swipe. Sean Hill, Pettri Nummelin, Branko, and Simon are all still plying their trade in Europe. Some with success, some not so much. Keith Carney signed up with tonight's opponent, the Blackhawks, for a try out, but did not make the squad. Last report had him continuing to work out and stay in "hockey shape," and he could still end up on a team if they run into major injury trouble. In future "Look at the Past" post, these five will simply be left out, as they have become fairly inconsequential. Unless, of course, there is some change in their status.
That said, let's take a look at how the other five are fairing in the early days of the season.
Aaron Voros - After a hot start, Voros has cooled, but only slightly. 9 points (5-4) in 11 games is still highly impressive, and would have impressed me if that were his season totals. The loss of Voros is still shaping up to be the worst non-signing in team history, and shows that sometimes even the best coaching staff misses the abilities inherent in a player.
Brian Rolston - Injured in his fourth game with the Devils, Rolston has yet to return, and there is speculation, but no real time table on his return. This could have been exactly what Doug Risebrough was worried about when he would not commit 5 million a year to a 35 year old. Hard to think he won't get his normal points, but obviously, the more time he misses, the less likely he is to reach the numbers the Devils expected.
Pavol Demitra - Also on IR currently. Had just 3 points (2-1) in 6 games. He is out 3-4 weeks. Demitra is clearly shaping up to be not a huge loss, as was expected when Risebrough stated he was not going to pursue keeping Demitra in the off season.
Todd Fedoruk - Other than Voros, Fedoruk seems to be having the best post-Wild luck of all the departures. 2 points (1-1) in seven games is exactly what the 'Yotes had to expect from Fedoruk. The 17 PIMs are right up his alley too. Fedoruk is filling his role to a T, and is the reason why Wild fans (and teammates) miss him.
Mark Parrish - Finally signed on with an NHL team, though it was an AHL deal with the Islanders. Being the organization they are, Parrish will likely not spend a ton of time in the minors. It is good to see he is getting another chance, and painful to see the hoops he is being made to jump through.
Thus far, Risebrough looks like a genius on all of these guys, with the exception of Voros. Give the guy some credit, nine out of ten departures look to be major upgrades for the team. Of course it is early, and things change quickly in the NHL, but given the early success of the team, and the players brought in to replace the men listed above, there are quite a few Wild fans eating crow and jumping right back on the bandwagon.
Welcome back. We missed you.
Go Wild!
- Buddha