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Hawks @ Wild - Three Things

Another win, some more scares.


Why they Won:

1) Koivu/Miettinen/Brunette - Well, Nate asked in the pre-game, will Antti and Andrew show up...well, they brought their buddy Mikko as well! If I counted correctly, that was seven points. Very nice work troops...but Mikko...that pass was no good. I shake my finger at you.

2) Brent Burns getting deep on the PP - His stick is 500 feet long, and he has a scorers touch. Get him deep, and let him score...wait...that is what happened tonight! Wonderful pass by Brunette, and a great finish by the Burns. But don't get too comfortable may be on the other side of the coin too...

3) PK - Wow. Hats off guys, I will cry when one finally goes in...but until then, lets keep it rolling! Well played penalty killers.

Why they could have lost:

1) Burns' bonehead moves in the defensive zone - Was he thinking about his snakes? Fish? Dogs? He put the puck on a blackhawk stick at least twice, maybe three times. This behavior will eventually lead to goals more often, so Burns...leave the zoo at home...think about the game while on the ice.

2) Shots - Thirty-Six for Chicago...Eighteen for the Wild. Sounds like the Wild were doubled up. Oh, lets not forget that the Wild put 4 shots on goal in the 2nd period...FOUR! Ugh. As an addition, the Wild seem to be looking to pass to a teammate instead of putting it on net! There were two odd-man rushes where a shot on goal didnt even get made. Amazing. Amazingly bad. I would love to report that the Wild are shooting too much, but, that is not happening yet.

3) Another late game let up - Wow. I miss the 2007 team. The lockdowns...the almost guaranteed win after two periods. Can we get it back please?? My heart can't take the "YAAAAAGGGGGG" emotion every game.

Any thoughts troops? Agree? Disagree?