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Marian Gaborik Trade Rumors

This is a ridiculous, ridiculous rumor. Almost as stupid as something Eklund would post, but it's out there, and it's a talker.

Jim Matheson reports on some trade possibilities for the Minnesota Wild if forced to deal Marian Gaborik, who'll be a UFA next summer. One suggestion was to peddle him to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Evgeni Malkin as the Pens are "very weak on the wing". Risebrough is friends with NY Rangers GM Glen Sather but the latter would have to move Scott Gomez to free up the cap space plus Risebrough would likely want promising blueliner Marc Staal as part of the return. "If Risebrough calls Montreal -- he played with GM Bob Gainey -- he would likely want centre Tomas Plekanec, a winger like Andrei Kostitsyn or Chris Higgins, and D-man Mike Komisarek", write Matheson.

I don't necessarily mind the Montreal move, but frankly, PAY THE MAN.