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Michael Russo on KFAN

Thanks to Wild Road Tripper at Russo's Rants for the pbp:

Ask and you shall receive…

The first segment was all Gaborik. Russo says that the holdup to a new contract is primarily the agent (Ron Salcer) trying to maximize Gaborik’s salary, and that Gaborik has told the Wild that he wants to get a deal done here. Russo also said that if (when?) Gaborik goes to FA some team will over-pay for him. Due to Gaborik’s age and experience, his FA status is unique and that someone will pay Overchkin-style money for that. He also reminded the audience that Salcer was the agent who got Pavel Bure the first $5m/year NHL contract.

After a break, the KFAN host (Chad Hartman, Sid’s boy) asked about ’stud for stud’, in effect a Gaby-for-Malkin trade. The idea was scoffed due to Malkin’s making less money than Gaborik, and that also a Gaby-for-Kopitar and picks trade with LA was discussed on-air.

How much is fair compensation for Gaby? $8.5-to-9M/year, was discussed…also, what do you get for Gaby? The best discussed was a combination of players and picks…the role of Leipold also discussed; Leipold’s role may be to encourage players to come here, and that ownership may have to investigate why top-line players don’t want to play here…Montreal game discussed.

Interview ends.