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Not so Fast, Mr. Carney

Yeah, yeah. Keith Carney was never one for the spotlight, never one to call attention to himself. For 17 seasons in the NHL he was the consumate professional. Show up, do his job, teach the kids, keep his mouth shut, stay out of trouble.

I have nothing but absolute and utter respect for you Mr. Carney, but to try to pull a stunt like this is down right unacceptable, sir.

For those of you who refuse to follow the link, Carns has retired. There was no press conference, no hoopla, no crying in front of the cameras (Yeah, you're busted Keith, you would have sobbed like a school girl).  Heck, the local MSM has no coverage of it at all. I'll give Russo a pass for now (he has since posted the news on his blog), he's otherwise involved, but where is Shipley? Powers? Reusse? I have to get this news from the Pawtucket Press? Sad day for the State of Hockey.

Well, Mr. Carney, as much as I know you have no desire for hoopla and grandstanding, I simply cannot let a career such as yours go with out the biggest celebration I can muster from this small little piece of the interweb.

Than you, Keith, from the bottom of my hockey loving heart. You are the example of how to play the game. with passion, with heart, and without the gum flapping.

Keith Carney's Carrer Stats

Seasons Played: 17

Games Played: 1018

Goals:  45

Assists: 183

Points: 228

+/-:   +164

PIM: 904

Teams: Buffalo, Chicago, Phoenix, Anaheim, Vancouver, Minnesota

Carney also played in the playoffs 12 times, scoring 3 goals, 19 assists, +4, and 67 PIM.

For a more detailed look at his stats, visit his player page. Take note that the word "Team" sits directly above his picture. Fitting, wouldn't you say, for a guy who always put the team first?

Here are just  few of my most favorite moments from Carney's short time here with the Wild.

One of my favorite:
I love the the celebration at the end of this one:

First goal in a Wild sweater:

Fitting that Burns is on the ice for this one. Wild fans will forever have Carney to thank for turning a raw, somewhat lost Brent Burns into the blue line stud he is today.

One last time.

Thank you Keith. For your time here in Minnesota, for your 17 seasons, and for your contribution to the game. The NHL, and hockey in general, are better because of you.