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Hockey Wilderness Receives Facelift

Thanks to the fantastic development team at SBN, the NHL blogs are now receiving some exciting new features.


This page includes all posts associated w/ the team, the team
news and the next game. Also, anytime you click the name of another
team on your schedule you have a page for them too. If you have
attached their team name to any posts they'll be aggregated there
along w/ news and their next game. For example the San Jose Sharks page on
Hockey Wilderness:


Self-explanatory, but the best part is that all the player names link
to the.....


Now, in the story editor we can attach players by name to stories. Members of Hockey Wilderness can do the same on FanPosts and FanShots. Along with the basic player info, headshot and current year stats, all the content from your blog will be aggregated on this page. And just like team pages you also have pages on your blog for every other player in the league. For example the Ovechkin page on

Note that player pages will be linked at the end of any stories that
you attach them to as well. For example, on this story, someone attached Rob
Scuderi so his name is linked to his player page at the end of the
story in the same way we do that for teams and games:


Pretty self-explanatory, but again the player names link to their
player pages.



When you click the 'coverage' link on the schedule, the
event page now shows a full linescore and will link to the preview &
recap of the event if we have those stories from Sports Network. As
always we aggregate all stories that have had the event attached to
them. Here is an example: