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The Next Big Thing: More Moneybags Talk

The Next Big Thing is a series of posts, focusing in on what has the Team of 18,000's collective minds buzzing.

In this vast world of 24 hour news, stock tickers, and news crawls, there is little that makes me smile anymore. At least, beyond family and friends. Today is not much better. Apparently, we are going to bailout the auto industry, despite the best minds in the world telling the feds it is a bad idea, and will do nothing except waste $50 billion dollars.

However, then comes the chance to read the full details on the extension Colorado signed with center Paul Stastny. The deal is reportedly five years, for a total of around $33 million. Quick elementary math tells us that that is just over $6 million per year as a cap hit.

Not bad for 78 points in 82 games his rookie season, and 71 in 66 games last season, eh? Oh, and he's on pace to have near 80 points this season as well. Sakic who?

Why you ask, would this make me smile? Maybe we haven't been acquainted long enough. I'm a sadistic, sarcastic, mean spirited kind of person when it comes to sports figures and their quest to make more money than God. You see, this signing puts yet another big kink in Uncle Moneybag's plans to become the highest paid player in the league. It's just not in the cards any more. I know NHL GMs are generally unintelligent hacks when it comes to free agents, but even they can't screw this up, can they?

Stastny has shown he has pure abilty to play, score, and lead. He plays arguably the second most important position in the game (behind goaltender), and has nearly a point per game average. While Gaborik also caries a points per game average, he is completely unreliable, and as the Wild's 10-4-1 start has shown, he is completely unnecessary.

So, you the fans can be the judge on this one. If Stastny, arguably a better player, in a more important role, who is young and will only get better, can only sign for $6 million per, how much is Moneybags worth?

Yes, I am smiling from ear to ear, just thinking about the phone call Moanybags is going to get from his agent today.

Next smiling moment comes from TSN. Gaborik's trade value is plummeting, if we didn't all already know that.  Here is the best line in the entire post:

"..there are precious few NHL teams who appear to have even a scintilla of interest in Gaborik."


My latest trade proposal is this. Trade him to the LA Kings. In return, the Wild get a bag of pucks (no less than 50 will be acceptable), an Anze Kopitar autograph, and a fourth round pick.

Justification for this trade is easy. The pucks provide long term, stable value. A puck will be a puck, every game, no questions asked. The value never drops. With the fourth round pick, the Wild get a player. Notice I didn't say a good player. Why would the Kings give up a good player? Finally, the Kopitar autograph. This is where the Wild can score big. Maybe get it on an Upper Deck rookie card, one of those that they only made 10 of. Someone find a card geek and pick the right card. Then, when Mikko Koivu's contract comes due, sell the card so you can pay the guy who actually deserves it.

Yeah, I'm smiling again.

I'll leave you with this. It's a clip I found over on Puck Daddy. Enjoy.

PS- Please, if you disagree, let me know. Comment section, email, whatever you like. I can take it.