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Beyond the Team of 18,000

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this is a big night, national coverage, Alex Ovechkin and all, but it's still important to see what went on in the week that was in the NHL.

Without further adieu, here it is, life beyond the team of 18,000.

  • Remember "Vote for Rory"? Well, James Mirtle covers this years All-Star campaigns for guys who have no chance of making it. - From the Rink
  • According to a recent poll, Joe Sakic is the best captain in the NHL. - Mile High Hockey, A Colorado Avalanche Blog
  • The PioneerPress' John Shipley is getting endless amounts of grief online for stepping on the Penguin in the Pittsburgh locker room. Sorry John, I shouldn't have thrown you under the bus like that and spread the word around the SBN blogs. - Pensburgh, A Pittsburgh Penguins Blog
  • Speaking of the All-Star Game, our friends in Buffalo are not happy with the ballot box stuffing in Montreal. - Die By the Blade, A Buffalo Sabres Blog
  • Who is the greatest center in Sharks history? - Fear the Fin, a San Jose Sharks Blog
  • Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey could not be more right on here. NHL Suspensions make absolutely no sense. Just ask Chris Simon! - Lighthouse Hockey, a New York Islanders Blog
  • The boys at Pension Plan Puppets would like you to know that Wendel Clark rules, and apparently it's not just because of that awesome mustache. Pension Plan Puppets, A Toronto Maple Leafs Blog