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Beyond the Wilderness

It's Tuesday, so it must be time for our weekly walk around the Wilderness. Who said what this week in the Wild blogosphere? Let's get it started.

  • We'll start this week with Ms. Conduct, covering every aspect of the Houston Aeros. Someone's almost like a proud mom over Cal Clutterbuck's big night on Monday. (Seriously, read her religiously, nobody covers the Wild's AHL franchise better. If you're not reading her weekly, there's something wrong with you.)
  • Deuce by Definition wants to know, are Craig Leipold and Peter Griffin Separated at Birth?
  • Cortney at Style and Sports seems to agree with me on Burns at forward.
  • John Shipley didn't step on anyone's logo this week, but he did find out that Jacques Lemaire wants the Wild to shoot more, pass less. (Oh, and John, thanks for picking up the number of posts this week after you generated some interest with the whole locker room fiasco. You can send me a check.)
  • Michael Russo asks, Where's Gaborik?

That's it. A pretty slow week around the Wild blogosphere, which is surprising considering the amount of fodder available with the scoring dearth over the past few games. Guess someone else needs to go step on a logo or play tug-of-war with their dog using an Avalanche jersey.