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Kurtis Foster Skates!

Okay, it wasn't a practice, just a typical morning skate, but it's great to see Fozzie on the ice, either way!

From Russo's Rants

The Wild had an optional morning skate today, but defenseman Kurtis Foster joined the team for the first time. This doesn’t mean anything other than it’s just another step mentally for Foster. He’s still a long way from returning. Every time he took a shot, he looked like a peacock as he lifted his left leg off the ice and shot off his right. Foster said he still can’t put any weight on his left leg when he shoots because a shooting pain goes down. But Foster was excited with how well it went and he said he hopes to participate in more morning skates (doubtful on practices).

Now, the team's not giving any word on his availability, but it's a great step in Fozzie's rehab.

Kurtis Foster Interview