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Cheap and Easy Rip Off - Turkey Style


I figure if Ms. Conduct can rip off the many number of hockey bloggers giving thanks today, so can I. Besides, Going Five Hole, Puck Daddy, and Bucci all did, so why can't I?

Thank you for Jack Falla. While Jack may be gone from this world, his work, and his spirit will live on. Thank you, Jack for the brief, yet priceless, conversation we were able to have.

Thank you for the Minnesota Wild. I watched, and cried my eyes out as the North Stars left for the hockey forsaken land of Texas. I thought hockey was dead for sure. Despite the fact that they can't hold a lead in the third period to save their souls, I still appreciate their being here.

Thank you for really stupid calls by Kerry Fraser. Despite being the most senior referee in the NHL, he still can't seem to get them right. Here's hoping you retire, and soon.

Thank you for blown calls by referees everywhere. You give us something to unite in hatred against. Thank you also, for occasionally getting them right.

Thank you to Marty Turco for being such a pompous wind bag, and always having a childish trick up his sleeve to save his rear end. "I have pushed it off on purpose before, but this one was really unintentional." Right Marty, and my six year old really didn't mean to color on the wall either.

Thank you to Hockey Wilderness for giving me the chance to spread the enlightened word of Buddha. It feels good to be able to share with fellow rabid fans.

Thank you to my parents for introducing me to the game of hockey, and specifically to my dad for finding the one sport that in his words, "Would make sure you weren't such a sissy."

Thank you to the hockey blogging world. I read upwards of 150 hockey blogs a day. Some are blatantly bitter and angry, some are truly knowledgeable, and some are just outright hilarious. If you ever need a blog to read, let me know.

Thank you to Pro Hockey News for giving me a legitimate claim on the journalistic side of hockey.

Thank you to Canada, just for being Canada. We would not have the game if it was not for you.

While some of these thank you's are sarcastic, most of them are not. I truly love the sport of hockey, and I hope I can cover it for years to come. I will close with the cheeseball thank you for the ages.

Thank you to my family and friends for putting up with me while I blog or write in the middle of family functions, parties, or other rather important events. Without the understanding of the passion I have for the game and for writing, I am certain one or more of you would have broken my laptop quite awhile ago.

Hope everyone in the US is enjoying Thanksgiving, and as so many other have said, I hope everyone in Canada is enjoying the fourth Thursday in November. I apologize to all Canadians or the lack of hockey today, I'm sure it has something to do with the US TV market, so we'll take the blame.

Happy food coma to all, and to all a good night.