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Three Things - Bolts @ Wild

Well, well, well. Look what happens when you don’t go into a defensive shell, but instead, press and shoot…you win! I would humbly request the the wild play all periods in the manner which they played the third today. Well, lets get to it…


Why the Wild Won:

1)      The(5 on 3) Kill – Wow. Wow. Wow. Eric Belanger needs a cookie, as does He Who Must Not Be Named, Kimmy, and the rest. Kudos to that effort. A full 2 minutes of 5-on-3 at the end of the third, and the Wild say, “no thanks. We don’t want your puck in our net.” I was pretty sure that the puck was gonna find the twine…but it didn’t. I am ever so pleased to be wrong.

2)      Shepp starting to heat up – 1 Goal, and 1 Assist. Not to mention solid shifts, and great back-checking…I liked what I see. I believe it is in the interest of MN Wild staff, and fans for Shepp to have family in town at all times. Get on that DR, Jacquez…and you too Bomber…if this isn’t a community relations moment, I don’t know what is.

3)      Bergeron’s nice low slappers – A heavy shot leads to two assists, and the puck doesn’t go higher five inches off the ice. All I can say is…Shoot more! Shoot often. Bergeron seems to have a pretty accurate shot, so, I say let it fly buddy boy!

Why the Wild Could Have Lost:

1)      The (5 on 3) flop – You get two minutes of a two man advantage right at the beginning of the game. Even worse was they maybe let 6 shots fly. Kind of funny that there were (2) full 5-on-3’s in this game, and not one goal. Next 5-on-3 for the Wild, I am expecting at least a goal. But today, it looked like they have never practiced this scenario before.

2)      That crappy call with Malone – What the hell? Apparently backs stick counts not…he does not get to have a whistle for a delayed call. Also, if your name is Vinny LeCavalier, you can also slide into a keeper, moving him out of the crease, letting your buddy Ryan Malone to get an easy goal. I can’t believe that it wasn’t reviewed, discussed, or anything. The wild did very well to overcome the issue, and play a very solid game thereafter.

3)      Miettinen’s love of the box – Two penalties, by the same guy, in the same period. I don’t think that this is going to help his likability with the coach. With your crew having issues scoring, lets not give the other team two PP’s in one period. No supper for you Antti.

Well, I hope we have a similar discussion tomorrow…that being, another win to break down. Hope your thanksgiving’s were good.