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Three Things - Avs @ Wild

There is no way around this…it was an ugly game. I haven’t seen the wild play this poorly in a long time. Anyway, here is what we have…

Why the Wild lost:

1)      Fear of contact…and passive defense - Why no hits? Zidlicky gets no cookie. Horrible day for him. Frankly, a horrible day all around on the defensive side. At least four goals were direct results of defensive F*Ups. This has been a horrible game to watch if you are looking for usual Wild Hockey.

2)      Clear a puck? Anyone? Beuller? – Wholly cow. First things first, Marek Zidlicky needs to skate laps. When you can clear, clear moron. Then, there was another goal that the Wild Defense allowed, 4 players were within five feet of the puck, and instead, Stastny backhands a goal. The wild were especially outplayed in this regard in period two. Ugly, Ugly.

3)      Shots  – In the 2nd period, the wild were being outshot 20-6. It is unfair to think that Backstrom will save 35-50 every game.  Bouchard again chooses to get cute, curl, and look for the pass. You can score dummy…shoot and maybe you can get an ugly goal.

Why the Wild Could Have Won:

1)      This Koivu kid – They take his “C” away, and he has another multi-point game. He may be a keeper. Keep it up Koivu…the “C” will be back soon.

2)      PP unit – 5 goals on PP last game, 3 goals this game. Yes please, I will have that every game. Now the key is to remind the squad that the same kind of passing and shooting can happen 5 on 5.

3)      The Old Man – 4 games, 4 goals. Is Owen channeling some mid 90’s Nolan? God we can only hope. Hats off to you old man. I like it.

I have to go get this horrible taste out of my mouth. Bye.