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Minnesota Wild @ Los Angeles Kings: The Morning After

Los Angeles Kings 3-1 Minnesota Wild



Until someone on this team seems to give a crap, we won't either.

The offense was terrible, the defense spent time out of position. The coaches make ridiculous decisions on who to play, when to play them and when to make line changes.

The Kings have good young talent. Move Gaborik there for some of that young talent.

We're sick of this offense. 3 goals in 12 periods? Embarrassing. If they play like this tomorrow, they will lose by 6.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars

  1. Dustin Brown (2 A)
  2. Anze Kopitar (1 G)
  3. Patrick O'Sullivan (1 A)

Questions to Answer

  1. Can anyone convince the offense to awaken? No. Either the talent is bad, or the coaching is bad. But something needs to change.
  2. Will Brown and Kopitar continue to play well now that they've been split up? Yep, they looked awfully good.
  3. Can someone please page Andrew Brunette? I think he's lost. Nope. He's terrible. Seriously, he looks absolutely awful.
  4. Who, aside from Kopitar, will impress the Wild enough to be considered a target for the Gaborik trade? Brown, O'Sullivan and Kopitar are excellent. Sure would be nice to have O'Sullivan instead of Demitra for the last couple years.
  5. Will O'Sullivan get payback? He got a point and the win and looked great. Yeah, he's got payback.


  • Brent Burns scored, which sucks because it'll give Lemaire the idea to keep him up front more.
  • Harrold should be suspended for jumping on Clutterbuck's back.