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Yep, Pure Excitement

 I am not going to try to trick anyone into thinking I watched the game last night, because I didn't. I have it on the old TiVO, just revved up, ready to go. I'm not going to watch it, not even going to make sure it doesn't get deleted so I can go back and watch it later.

Nope, sounds like a rather boring waste of my time.

Somewhere, Gary Bettman is sick to his stomach. You see, this is the type of game bettman lives for. He wants to see the average game finish this way, 6-5, 7-6. I hear fans say all the time how boring the Wild's "system" is, yet 99.99% of them cannot explain what system the Wild play.

Reading reaction from fans today, the game was in fact, boring. But, wait, um... I thought everyone wanted the Wild to score more. They scored five times, isn't that good enough? They scored 6 against the Preds and all I read is how they can't score 5-on-5.

So, I ask you now two questions, loyal legions of Wilderness readers, what is it you would like from the boys? More defense, or more scoring, because in the NHL, you don't get both very often.

The other question is this, which is more boring, last night's debacle, or a solid 1-0 victory?