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Three Things - Wild @ Blues

I watched this game, and all I heard myself yelling "SELL! SELL!!!" This is not a good team folks, and regardless of how badly we want them to be...they are not good. Reload, rebuild, whatever jargon you want to use...this is what you have to do. Don't expect the playoffs. Don't expect anything worth your money. Things aren't going to change. And this stretch against the Sharks, the flames, the hawks, the wings, etc. is gonna'  be brutal. As a note of my frustration and acceptance in the weak weak team, called the wild, please note the lack of three reasons why the wild could have won.

Why the Wild Lost:

1) 1-7-1: When you create a culture of losing, you lose. That record over the last nine games is well, shitty. I am fairly certain that somewhere, there are people screaming at the tv. I wasn't one of them tonight, but I am getting closer.

2) Passing: I think that there were 4 solid passes all night. I have seen USHL teams pass better. Horrible. Just Horrible. And, oddly enough, two errant passes led to St. Louis goals.

3) Goal timing: This was the 8th game in a row that the wild have yielded the first goal of the game. This has to stop, or not, because the players kinda seem like they have given up on the year. The other timing issue is the immediate coughing up a goal within two minutes of scoring one. PMB scores, game tied...30 seconds later, no longer tied. Nice work everyone.

I think that it is becoming apparent that either the players, or the system have to change. Cause frankly, I am starting to feel like I am wasting evenings watching a game I truly respect and love.