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Beyond the Wilderness

What happened over the last two weeks in the NHL blogosphere?

  • James Mirtle looks at the effect of Mats Sundin signing with Vancouver here and here.
  • Paul Stastny and Cody McCormick look to be out a while, leaving the Avs shorthanded - Mile High Hockey, a Colorado Avalanche Blog.
  • Is there trouble in Pittsburgh? Pensburgh, a Pittsburgh Penguins Blog.
  • A review on the Sabres season thus far, to get Bills diehards up to speed - Die by the Blade, a Buffalo Sabres Blog.
  • Check out how good the Sharks are in 5 on 5 play. It's ridiculous. Fear the Fin, a San Jose Sharks Blog.
  • Want to read something scary? Alex Ovechkin is getting better. Japer's Rink, a Washington Capitals Blog.
  • Are the Devils underachieving? Don't be so sure - In Lou We Trust, a New Jersey Devils Blog.
  • Is 5 on 5 play the reason the Islanders are so bad this year? - Lighthouse Hockey, a New York Islanders Blog.
  • Hab an Ice Day, a recap. (seriously, you should be reading Eyes on the Prize. Anyone who doesn't have a special place in their hearts for the Montreal Canadiens doesn't love hockey.) - Eyes on the Prize, a Montreal Canadiens Blog.
  • Maple Leafs fans comment on Mats Sundin moving to British Columbia - Pension Plan Puppets, a Toronto Maple Leafs Blog.
  • A year in review on the Florida Panthers - Litter Box Cats, a Florida Panthers Blog.
  • Seems like Mikko upset the people in Chicago with his comments - Second City Hockey, a Chicago Blackhawks Blog (oh, and Secord Sucks).
  • Top 11 Ways The Blues Are Thanking Their Season Ticket Holders This Year - St. Louis Game Time, a St. Louis Blues Blog.
  • Did anyone know that there was an outdoor game between the Red Wings and Blackhawks?? Well, Winging it in Motown has you covered. - A Detroit Red Wings Blog.
  • Matt Greene v. Douglas Murray - Battle of California.
  • Todd Fedoruk in the Spotlight - Five for Howling, a Phoenix Coyotes Blog.