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Wild Team Captain

February 1st . . . If you work for the government, it’s pay day – if the government works for you, it’s pay day  - if you are a hockey player on coach Jacques Lemaire team, it’s hockey captain day.

Lemaire is famous for his rotating captain practices and rewards the player that he feels has shown great leadership with the big "C" This month Nick Schultz was chosen for the honor for the second month in a row. Shultzy is deserving as he skates hard every game and he is known for his pep talks in the locker room or really they are more like strategy talks than pep talks so he is definitely the apple of Jacques Lemaire eye. Congrats Wild jersey #55, you get the big "C"

Other Captains this season (Nick Schultz in the only captain so far this year!)...October: Pavol Demitra; November: Brian Rolston; December:  Mark Parrish