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Minnesota Wild beat Nashville Predators in overtime at Xcel Energy Center

The Minnesota Wild earned two points playing the Nashville Predators at the Xcel Energy Center last night, beating the Predators in overtime. Apparently 60 minutes of hockey just doesn’t work for the Wild. They either need overtime to finish the job or they need the game to be over in 40-45 minutes. The Wild led the Predators 3-1 going into the third and even after the Predators tacked on a goal early in the third, the Wild answered back, putting the score at 4-2.

The Wild defense (once again) faltered in the third period and sat back on their heels. The Predators took advantage and tied it up. Jacques Lemaire has got to beat it into this Wild team that the third period still counts and you can’t let the other team control the puck even if you have the lead. I feel like the Wild get amnesia in the third period – they forget what they had been doing the first two periods to get them in the lead and just lay low and pass the time, but you can’t do that in the NHL and you especially won’t be able to do that come playoff time.

Marian Gaborik scored last nights winning goal with 4.4 seconds to go in overtime. Yes, it was dramatic and every newspaper and sports broadcaster called it that. Demitra gave him a perfect pass and Gabby once again showed the Xcel Energy Center fans why he makes the big bucks. I am glad to see the Wild put a little space between themselves and the Canucks in the NHL standings.