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J.S. Giguere tides have turned

As I reflect on last Wednesday’s Minnesota Wild game, I can’t help but smirk.  The only thing that made me happier than the Wild kicking the Ducks butts was watching Ducks goalie J.S. Giguere have a temper tantrum on the bench after he was pulled from the game. He was kicking his skates and slamming his stick around and it looked like he might cry – ha!

The last two times that the Wild and the dirty fowl have met in the NHL playoffs, I definitely had the sense that Giguere had gotten into the Wild players heads.  It was as if the Wild players associated him with a steel curtain in front of the net. They always tried to make the perfect pass or a spectacular play instead of just getting the puck between the pipes.

Now, it seems the tide has turned.  It is as if the Minnesota Wild has now gotten into Giguere’s head.  He was pulled from the game after he gave up three second period goals.  Anyone that was lucky enough to catch the game was witness to a grown man having a toddler like temper tantrum on the bench.    I am now of the opinion that the Minnesota Wild may want to meet the Giguere and the Ducks in the playoffs. There is always a score to settle!