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Minnesota Wild lose to Vancouver Canucks at Xcel Energy Center, Wild left the offense in locker room

Wild 2, Canucks 3 OT

Minnesota Wild let Vancouver Canucks squeak by with an overtime win on Tuesday night at the Xcel Energy Center.  I think the Wild forgot how to shoot the puck, they only had 8 shots on goal through the first two periods – I wish I was a better statistician because I am betting that is close to a record low for the Minnesota Wild and maybe even the NHL altogether, especially for this year – 8 shots! That’s ridiculous.  

Besides the anemic shooting, the Wild kept the game close and went into the third period with a 1-1 tie and jumped in front of the Canucks 2-1. Vancouver didn’t let up it’s offensive pressure and re-tied the game with a power play goal late in the third...thanks to Branko Radivojevic and his need to stick his stick out in front of every Canuck he could all night, he just happened to get caught this time. In overtime, it was those Sedin brothers that did the Wild in (again). The boys connected on a play to give the Canucks the win and an inch closer to the Wild in the standings.

Mark Parrish (who just became a new father) had this to say about the Wild Canucks game:

"I don’t know whether it was us sitting back and getting mesmerized a little bit, or them just doing a better job at getting loose pucks."  

I would say it was a combination of both. The Wild looked uninspired to play well and Vancouver was on the ball getting to the puck – If I didn’t know better, I would say they can skate faster than our guys – come on Wild, pick up the pace.