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Wild secure Chris Simon in a Controversial Move

The Minnesota Wild picked up New York Islander Chris Simonyesterday before the trade deadline. Most Wild fans are upset because they don’t think the NHL's most notorious bad boy fits into Minnesota nice. ME? I think it was a brilliant move on Wild GM Doug Risebroughs part. I like having Chris Simon on the roster.

Last year in the playoffs, whether the Wild want to admit it or not, the other teams took liberties with them and the Wild were scared. With Chris Simon on the bench, we have another enforcer, a thug perhaps, but someone to be sure that the other teams don’t push our skill players around.  He is a better skater than Derek Boogaard and a better hitter so I am happy to have him. Remember Wild fans, Todd Fedoruk became a better player under the direction of coach Jacques Lemaire and I think Chris Simon will as well.

Welcome to hockey wilderness, Chris Simon, this MN Wild freak is glad to have you!