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Minnesota Wild tickets are affordable...right now

It’s no secret that Minnesotans love hockey and their NHL Minnesota Wild team. The team nightly sells out the Xcel Energy Center and has a very large fan base. However, Minnesotans are notoriously fickle fans – when the team does well, the band wagon is full and pockets are deep, but when the team does poorly, the bandwagon is left to season ticket holders and no one will spend an extra cent.

Case in point: After the Wilds recent slide down the slippery slope of losses, Minnesota Wild tickets are cheap on the aftermarket. In fact a twin cities tickets blog even mentions the fact that the Wild Calgary game last Sunday was much more expensive than the Minnesota Wild Kings game this Sunday.  I admit I look at ticket brokers sites a lot looking for deals on hockey tickets (in this state that is the only way you get to go to a game) and Ticket King is asking for $35 a ticket to get into this Sundays game. As far as weekend game prices, this might be the cheapest I have seen it all year.  Come on Wild fans, let’s rally around the team and head out to the Xcel this Sunday to watch the Minnesota Wild beat the Los Angeles Kings, you can bet these type of prices won’t last if the Minnesota Wild start a winning streak.