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Minnesota Wild Playoff Plans

As the Minnesota Wild lead the NHL Northwest Division I can’t help but think of the playoffs and what that will bring. I realize to some that may be counting my chickens before they hatch, but to me it is just proactive planning and I think Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire would agree.

The addition of gritty type players like Aaron Voros, Todd Fedoruk and Sean Hill prove to this Wild fan that Lemaire is preparing for the playoffs. It is that type of hard nosed player that can send a team over the hump when they hit the big time. I can’t wait for the Minnesota Wild playoffs, it will come up fast! Go Wild, don’t let me and the other million fans down, keep earning those points!

Speaking of earning points and getting to the playoffs I read an interesting tidbit in the Pioneer Press today regarding new Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold and his connection to Peter Forsberg.

A year ago, before the NHL's trade deadline, then-Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold acquired star center Peter Forsberg from Philadelphia in a major move.

Its no secret that Peter Forsberg has not played a game in the NHL this year retaining his eligibility. Forsberg in a Minnesota Wild jersey will surely help propel the team deep into the NHL playoffs. Don’t get me wrong the Wild would have to fend off other Forsberg suitors and make a few moves to free up some dollars, but with a Leipold Forsberg connection already in place I can see it happening.

If Craig Leipold were to secure Peter Forsberg for the Minnesota Wild, it would send a message to Wild fans that this new owner is not afraid to pull the money trigger and think outside of the box to get the Minnesota Wild a Stanley Cup.