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Wild on losing streak, lose to Carolina Hurricanes and Atlanta Thrashers

The Minnesota Wild suffered two consecutive road losses and this MN Wild Freak is afraid they may be close to self-destruct mode. The Wild lost to the Carolina Hurricanes 2-3 and then to the Atlanta Thrashers 2-3 in back to back road games. The Wild Power Play was awful both nights and I think coach Jacques Lemaire made a mistake by giving Marian Gaborik the "C" – I don’t think Gaborik has the leadership necessary to inspire this team in this crucial March month.  I am sure after the past 3 losses, the Minnesota Wild locker room is close to chaos and angry finger pointing.

The fact of the matter is that all of the Minnesota Wild players need to play better...i.e. follow through with checks and get to the puck faster AND score! The Wild continue to play tough defense, but are not aggressive enough on offense. The Wild need to let loose and just fire the puck over and over again and get all of the guys down on the other end. Sure the score may end up being 13 to 12, but that may be the only chance the Wild has to win.