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Minnesota Wild troubles continue

The Minnesota Wild refuse to give a timetable for when center Eric Belanger will return to the lineup. The Wild called up Steve Kelly from the Houston Aeros team to play in Sundays San Jose Sharks game, but Kelly was only on the ice for about three minutes and he definitely didn’t look sharp. He was out of position at least once and he didn’t pass the puck up to his wingers when he was supposed to.

This MN Wild Freak was surprised that they didn’t call up Benoit Pouliot, but I guess he e got into a fight that smashed up his face pretty good. I hope he can get healthy because I would rather see him in the Wild jersey.

I am still hashing over the Sharks game in my head, I just can’t believe what a train wreck it was. The Wild are acting like it wasn’t a big deal because the Sharks are so hot right now, but it was a big deal because this is playoff time and the Wild played terrible. I was surprised that Chris Simon was a scratch, the Sharks are bigger in size than the Wild and although it wasn’t a physical game, I am wishing it was. The Wild can not simply rely on their skill players to win games anymore; there just isn’t enough skill there to make it happen.