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Wild need better shootout team

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You know I am hot about the Minnesota Wild right now because I don’t think they are playing their best hockey and I am worried that when/if the Wild make the playoffs they are going to be swept in the first round if they don’t start playing better hockey, particularly better offensive hockey and performing better in overtime and shootouts.

Before readers start leaving comments about the Wild and my rant about the last dozen games being the same old thing, let me just point out the statistic that the Wild have had 4 shootouts in the last 6 games and have lost all four of them. FOUR shootout losses?!? that is a glaring problem. I hope Jacques Lemaire is giving our Minnesota Wild team extra shooting drills. You can’t win a hockey game on defense alone, it’s like a business trying to save its way to prosperity. You have to score goals to win games and you have to make money to prosper. Come on Wild, let’s score!