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Wild tickets are expensive as regular season winds down

You can bet I will be at the Xcel Energy Center next week to cheer my Minnesota Wild team along. I am going to have to shell out some extra money though. I see ticket brokers like Ticket King are charging a minimum of $70 per seat to get in the door. That is twice face value.

Yes, in Minnesota, we may be the team of 18,000, but we are also the team of poor Wild hockey fans that pay out the nose to see their beloved team on the ice. I guess that is the reason guys like Ticket King can stay in business. Wild hockey fans can’t afford entire seasons and even if you could, you have to get on the waiting list behind all the rich people and corporations, but Wild fans want to see a couple of games a year so we are forced to buy Minnesota Wild tickets from scalpers if we want to get in the door. I am not saying scalping is right or wrong (I will stay out of that political night mare), but I want to see a game so I am going to buy tickets from a broker. Ticket King even has an office just a block from the Xcel Energy Center on West 7th. I can’t remember what was in there before, but I can bet it wasn’t as relevant as a ticket scalping outlet for an arena that is always sold out to regular fans.

Anyway, there are only 4 home games left, I am going to try and make it to two of them so check back for my first hand reviews of the game. Let’s go Wild!!!