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Mark Parrish not getting a lot of ice time

I was reading an article from the local st paul paper yesterday about Mark Parrish playing a career low number of games. Parrish is diplomatic in the article although the journalist alludes to the fact that Parrish wishes to say more, but knows it is unwise for his career to do so.

Sure Mark Parrish is disappointed, but let’s face it the best players need to be on the ice, not the best players last year or last month or even last week, but the best players right now and Mark Parrish is not playing the best hockey. I applaud Jacques Lemaire for having the balls to keep veteran players out of the line up. It sends a message of high expectations to his team and I personally saw Mark Parrish play 15 minutes of ice time during the San Jose Sharks at Minnesota Wild game on March 9th and it was a waste of 15 minutes.

The Minnesota Wild will have a difficult time in the playoffs unless they are firing on all cylinders so let’s hope Lemaire can mastermind the best players into the lineup every single night, the best, not the most experienced or most paid, but the most skilled and motivated to be play the best in the NHL...RIGHT NOW! can you hear me singing "Right Now" by Van Halen???