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Marian Gaborik Awarded March Captain

Marian Gaborik was awarded the "C" for the Minnesota Wild for the month of March. The Pioneer Press wrote this about Gabby:

Marian Gaborik has played more games than any other player in Minnesota Wild history, 468. He has scored more goals (197), recorded more assists (198) and winning goals (39). But he had never been a team captain until Saturday.

Yeah because he is always hurt and let’s face it, Gaborik is kind of a baby and babies don’t get to be captains in the NHL. I have to say I was surprised to see Jacques Lemaire give Gabby the Captain sweater, the two definitely have a love hate relationship. I guess Gaborik has been passing more and has actually played a few months in a row without an injury and is at a team best plus 11. March is a crucial month for the Minnesota Wild, let’s hope Gaborik can keep on his "A" game or should I say "C" game?!