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Top 4 things the Minnesota Wild must do to win 4 games and advance in the NHL Playoffs

  1. Cool Down the Goalie. When a goalie is hot like Jose Theodore you need to rely on deflections to get a goal. Derek Boogaard is unmovable so putting him in front of the net to screen and perhaps get a lucky bounce will be key.

  2. Skill Players must Score. Marian Gaborik has got to get more shots on goal. Show us why you make the big bucks, Gaborik.

  3. Get Physical. The Wild need to deploy some of the tactics the Anaheim Mighty Ducks used against them last year. Let’s face it, the Colorado Avalanche can’t match the Wild physically.

  4. Stay out of the Penalty Box. Period.

Come on Wild, pull it all together and give this Hockey Wilderness a chance at the Stanley Cup!