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Minnesota Wild lose to Colorado Avalanche in round one of NHL playoffs

Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche NHL Playoff Series Over, Avs Win 4-2

The Minnesota Wild played a tough series, but just couldn’t get past the Colorado Avalanche and their red hot goalie, Jose Theodore. The Minnesota Wild got knocked out of the series 4-2 and Minnesota Wild fans (like me) are mourning all across this Minnesota Wild Hockey Wilderness.  In case you missed any of the game scores, take a look:

Wednesday April  9, 2008  AVS 3 @ WILD 2   (loss)
Friday April 11, 2008  AVS 2 @ WILD 3 (win)
Monday April 14, 2008  WILD 3 @ AVS 2 (win)  
Tuesday  April  15, 2008 WILD  1 @ AVS  5 (loss – ouch)  
Thursday April 17, 2008  AVS 3 @ WILD 2 (loss)
Saturday April 19, 2008  WILD 1 @ AVS 2 (loss)

Really, the Minnesota Wild team never rebounded from the horrendous 1-5 loss loss in game 4. It’s almost like the Wild decided in their minds who was going to win the series and it wasn’t going to be them. The Wild did play well, especially in game 6 when they put 40 plus shots on goal, but it just wasn’t enough. The Minnesota Wild defense wasn’t as strong as the Colorado Avalanche Defense and the Minnesota Wild offense hardly showed up. Maybe next year.