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Jacques Lemaire Frustrated over Minnesota Wild Season

Minnesota Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire does not hide his feelings, he is an emotional coach. He has high expectations of his players and he lets them know it. After a roller coaster of a season, coach Lemaire is exhausted, disappointed and frustrated, but not just in his players. This MN Wild Freak thinks a lot of Lemaire’s frustration lies with the front office of the Minnesota Wild.

Although Lemaire wouldn’t directly say what his big issues are, there is no doubt in my mind that he is irritated that the Wild didn’t make more moves before the trade deadline to secure some new blood for the inconsistent Wild team. I also know Lemaire was frustrated over the teams inability to play together which he directly relates to contract issues. I think Lemaire will lay down some new terms with the Minnesota Wild management before he returns as their head coach. First of all, Lemaire is going to demand that a certain percentage of players either be under contract or get traded, a high percentage. I think he is also going to talk about putting the appropriate verbiage in the player contracts to reward for team efforts and less reward for individual efforts.  

Overall the season was frustrating, but this MN Wild freak will be even more frustrated if Lemaire doesn’t come back to the Minnesota Wild next year.