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Division Title on the Line

Tonight could be the night for the Minnesota Wild to FINALLY secure the Northwest division title and of course home ice advantage. At practice yesterday, Marian Gaborik told reporters that it means a lot to play at home and it does! I guess Gaborik never did claim to be a great inspiring orator...then again neither am I. Gaborik has a clean shaven head and I was wondering if maybe he lost a bet with his pal Pavol Demitra. Baldy power?

Tonights game has ticket scalpers getting ready for the Wild playoffs. Ticket prices start off at over $100 per ticket to sit in the upper deck. Guess who is staying home to watch? Me. I am guessing that Wild playoff tickets will be just as expensive, but I am going to use my tax return money to go to a game. Only in the state of hockey will hockey fans use tax returns to pay for hockey tickets.  I am hoping that Ticket King St Paul will have a lot of tickets at the last minute so I can negotiate a better price day of the game.  We’ll see.