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Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets

Minnesota Wild playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow to the general public. There is no doubt in my mind that the tickets will go really fast. There are already people camped outside of the Xcel Energy Center, they have been there since yesterday. Do you believe it? Only in the state of hockey!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Minnesota Wild and I will go to a Wild playoff game this series, but my time is more valuable to me than the $60 I would save if I didn’t have to buy them from a local ticket scalper. Ticket King St Paul is less than a half block from the Xcel Energy Center and they always have plenty of Minnesota Wild tickets.

Right now, the Wild playoff prices are a bit steep, but again I am not going to camp out for TWO DAYS to get tickets. That’s 48 hours of time I will never get back, 48 hours of waiting – if I pay $60 more per ticket than cost, that means I would have saved myself $0.80 an hour by camping out...that’s about what a third world country factory worker makes. I hate waiting in lines even if it is for my favorite team of all time, the Minnesota Wild. I am sure Ticket King is happy to hear that they have my business and the reason they even have a business is because people like me don’t like to wait in long lines, yes, I will pay for convenience. Let’s go Wild!