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Colorado Avalanche beat Minnesota Wild in a shootout, Avs and Wild head to NHL playoffs

The Minnesota Wild controlled their own round one NHL playoff destiny by giving up a point to the Colorado Avalanche in Colorado last night. By tieing the game at then end of regulation, the Avalanche jumped over the Calgary Flames in the standings and set themselves up for a first round playoff series against Minnesota. The Wild have the home ice advantage and their playoff schedule has been lead-off news material in the Twin Cities.

I don’t really think last night was a play-off caliber type of game since the Wild didn’t have much to fact, I think they wanted to lose because they would rather face Colorado Avalanche over the Calgary Flames.

The biggest thing about last night was the overtime scuffle between Marian Gaborik and Ian Laperriere. There is no doubt in my Wild Freak mind that the fight will resonate throughout the entire playoff series. What would have been more of an up and down the ice smooth skating series turned into a rough checking board banging series the second that Laperriere took liberties with Gaborik. The Minnesota Wild Enforcers will not forget.