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Marian Gaborik Ian Laperriere Fight will Last into the Wild Avalanche Playoffs

I am not ready to put the Marian Gaborik Ian Laperriere fight to rest. I still stand by the fact that the second those gloves dropped to the ice, the flavor of the Avalanche Wild series changed. Had that fight not happened, coach Jacques Lemaire could have healthy scratched a few of the Wild tough guys, but now I see the likes of Aaron Voros, Todd Fedoruk, Derek Boogaard and Chris Simon dressed and ready to go every night, especially the first few nights.

It’s just cheap that the Colorado Avalanche would think it was OK to rough up our top skill player in overtime when they knew that none of the enforcers would be on the ice. Think of how up in arms the Avs would have been if Chris Simon or Derek Boogaard would have instigated a fight against Joe Sakic. It would have been chaos.

Retribution will be the theme of the Wild Avalanche playoff series. A line has been drawn in the sand or the ice, rather. Let’s go Wild!