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Detroit Red Wings Sweep Colorado Avalanche

Good. I am glad the Avs got kicked in the face by the Red Wings, but to see the Colorado Avalanche play so bad felt like a punch in the stomach to the Minnesota Wild as well. It just amazes me that a team that played so strongly against the Wild could falter so much in the second round of the NHL Playoffs, it was a sweep! Thursday nights Red Wings Avalanche game ended 8-2. That’s insane.

The Colorado Avalanche were an injury-riddled team and that seemed to make all the difference. So that makes me ask the big question, why didn’t the Wild do more to rattle the Colorado Avalanche team physically? Detroit did an excellent job of pushing the envelope with the Avs and it paid off.  

Man, the Minnesota Wild is jinxed. Hockey Wilderness is more like Hockey Bewilderness.